SiC Trading GmbH is a commercial enterprise for SiC materials, always giving you good customer advice and service.

Since 2006 SiC Trading has been supplying silicon carbide and other minerals in smaller quantities to steelworks, foundries, the refractory industry and other sectors at home and abroad.

We count all kinds of companies among our customers: from large firms to family-run businesses.
SiC Trading has been dealing with research and development in terms of recycling and reprocessing of products thus protecting the environment and relieving the economy.

Reliability, velocity, quality, profitability and good logistics is what distinguishes SiC Trading GmbH next to other good qualities.
As a basic commodity silicon carbide is backed by a subsidiary of SiC Trading GmbH which is trading as an independent company.

SiC Trading GmbH appeals to sectors that need fine silicone carbide or offer silicone carbide for processing.